Built in the year 1985, the Yamaha Rajdoot ruled the Indian roads for almost two decades. But with the advent of new motorcycles, the Rajdoot was eventually discontinued. Besides being known for its stylish look, rugged body, the one other thing that made the motorcycle stand out was its powerful sound. With the aim preserving the classic sound, we decided to record this badass machine for its use in films, video games and every other form of visual media. We have made sure that the entire library could be used to its full potential by recording the most intricate details, thus providing the freedom and ability to the Sound Editor to use these sounds in any way possible.

Along with all the raw sounds recorded in the field, we have also provided a huge chunk of designed sounds created using the same library using programs such as Sound Chopper 2 (© Metteo Cerquone)


Located on the beautiful Vancouver Island, Black Stone Press houses the German made Heidelberg Windmill Platen Press built somewhere around 1940.

The machine’s old working mechanism gives it a very unique sonic characteristic. We have tried to capture this machine from various perspectives thereby being able to present its various characteristic sounds like the hydraulics, grinding and rhythmic clanks.

Recorded in two different parts of the world (Canada & India), Bombay Sonic’s Fireworks library provides the sound designer with a wide range of explosions to choose from to fulfil their sonic needs.

Fireworks being celebratory, these fireworks have been recorded on two important celebrations in Canada & India – 1st July, Canada day & Diwali in India, giving them unique characteristics of their own.

P.S.: Some of the recordings were done using mono and stereo mics simultaneously from different locations for variations in the perspective. The library package includes 2 Pro Tools session files (.ptf &.ptx), that could be easily linked with the audio files, with all those SFXs placed in sync.